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Carousel Escape

In a quaint little town stood an enchanting carousel, its ornate horses painted in vibrant colors.

Among them were three carousel horses: Chestnut, Ivory, and Amethyst. Night after night, they dutifully went round and round in endless circles, their painted eyes gazing longingly at the starry sky above. Their hearts yearned for more than the repetitive melodies and fixed course of the carousel. One starry night, as the town slumbered, the trio decided it was time for a grand adventure.

With a collective neigh that harmonized with the gentle breeze, Chestnut, Ivory, and Amethyst leaped off their golden poles, breaking free from their painted prison. Their wooden hooves echoed through the silent streets as they galloped into the night, their tails flowing like silk in the moonlight. They ventured into the unknown, discovering meadows bathed in silver moonbeams, cascading waterfalls hidden deep within the forest, and starlit clearings where they danced under the constellations.

A Giclee watercolor reproduction from original art
Limited Edition (size 24”x 36”)
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