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Calla Lily Still Life

This still life painting is a vivid reminder that amidst the chaos of work and responsibilities, there is always time to slow down, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and celebrate the company of loved ones. It’s a gentle call to savor the beauty that exists in the here and now.

This painting portrays a serene tableau of delicate white calla lily flowers, their petals pure as untouched snow, gently cradled within a bright blue vase. The vase stands as a beacon of vivid color brightening the canvas, a symbol of hope and vitality.

Beside this stunning bouquet rests a small silver dinner bell, a gleaming touch of elegance that calls attention to the importance of the present moment. Its presence is a gentle nudge, a melodious note, encouraging those who view it to pause, to put their bustling work aside, and to embrace the simple pleasures of life.

There is an unspoken invitation to gather around a table, prepare meals with love, and share them with family and friends. It encourages the viewer to remember that in the midst of our busy lives, it is the moments of connection and reflection that we cherish most.


A Giclee reproduction, from original art, oil on canvas
Limited edition (size 24”x 36”) $150

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