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Brown Pelican

This Brown Pelican painting is from Dori’s Florida Shorebirds Collection.

The Pelican is a versatile bird symbolizing ingenuity, creative thinking, and adaptability. It also represents the ability to overcome adversity. Worshipped as a god by Egyptians, it represented self-sacrifice, healing and renewal. The Pelican is as much at home in the sky as it is in the water. It soars upwards with massive 10’ wingspans and as a waterbird, it performs rocket dives for prey with incredible, long-distance accuracy. No matter what terrain it travels, this bird demonstrates resourcefulness and passion to achieve its goal that can serve as a beautiful reminder to us all.

5x7 Framable Greeting Card with Envelope (No Matting) $10
8x10 Framable Print (Matted to fit an 11x14 Frame) $45

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